Photography speaks a language I love - the ever changing language of light. At times subtle, often dramatic, charismatically elusive. I pursue, lust for, sometimes create, and never loose my passion and excitement for the light and the language. Together they frame my art and define my talents.
Growing up on the Texas-Mexico border gave me an early appreciation for some important things I bring to my profession. Cultural diversity, hard work, and the amazing quality of light in the high dry desert are a few worth mentioning (along with world-class Mexican food).
I have been a professional photographer over half my life. Home base is now Denver, Colorado but I have always considered the world my studio. I love to travel and do so frequently both for clients, personal pleasure and enlightenment.
Photographs stir emotions, state opinions, reflect beauty, and generate excitement. Where do you want to be in my pictures?

Clients have included:
-Pacific Life
-Union Pacific
-Southwest Airlines
-United Airlines
-Thomson Reuters
-Food & Wine
-Caribbean Travel & Life
- and many others.
It was a pleasure working for every one of them and giving them my absolute best.