Stephen Ramsey

Still Photos. Video.

I am a commercial advertising photographer and videographer. People Portrait, Landscape, Food, Construction Technology, Transport, and Underwater are my specialties.

Photography is an ever changing language - the language of light. Subtle, dramatic, elusive - it’s the language I speak fluently.

I grew up on the Texas-Mexico border. The near-magical quality of high desert light inspired and motivated me to pursue this profession. And the cultural diversity of the border made me appreciate the beauty of people from all walks of life.

I have been a professional photographer over half my life. Denver Colorado is home, but I consider the world my studio. I love to travel and do so frequently for clients, pleasure and enlightenment.

I love doing great work for great clients . I am passionate about exceptional Imagery. I want my photographs to communicate emotion - and opinions - to reflect beauty, excite the senses, and inspire appreciation.

I never tire of capturing the magic light.

Portfolio + Reel

My portfolios are a statement to my vision and aesthetic - and a showcase for my technical skills and expertise.

Let’s communicate to the world what you and/or you clients do. I look forward to making your next project visually spectacular and memorable.

What Clients Say About Me


I am honored to have worked over the years with some of the most talented, creative and visionary individuals and organizations in the world. Here are what a few of them have to say.

Jim Buhrman Jr. Folk Brand Strategy & Design

Steve is a true pro. His dedication to making every project a success is apparent through his preparation, communication, cre...  

Sean Topping Grit Advertising & Design

I’ve known Steve going on 20 years. He has consistently delivered the most award winning work of any photographer I’ve ever ...

Jim Landry Executive Creative Director CCF

From intimate portraits to stunning landscapes, Steve has a keen eye and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making powerf...