Stephen Ramsey

Still Photos. Video.

I am a commercial advertising photographer and videographer. People Portrait, Landscape, Food, Construction Technology, Transport, and Underwater are my specialties.

Photography is the ever changing language of light. Subtle, dramatic, elusive ~ I speak the language fluently.

I grew up on the Texas-Mexico border. The magical quality of high desert light inspired and motivated me to pursue this profession. Cultural diversity of the border made me appreciate early on the beauty of people from all walks of life.

A professional photographer over half my life, Denver Colorado is home. Yet I have always considered the world my studio. I love to travel and do so frequently for clients, pleasure and enlightenment.

I want to do great work for great clients. I strive for exceptional images that communicate emotion and opinions. Images that reflect beauty and excite the senses. Let's work on that together!


I specialize in commercial advertising photography and videography, with a focus on capturing captivating people portraits, stunning landscape/urbanscape shots, dynamic transport imagery, mouthwatering food photography, and mesmerizing underwater/overwater scenes.